The many faces of ramones

The many faces of ramones


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    rock anglo
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cd 1 - the family tree vol.1
01. blitzkrieg bop - die toten hosen feat. joey ramone
02. i wanna be your boyfriend - the ramones
03. i am seeing u.f.o’s - dee dee ramone feat. joey ramone
04. 3 cheers for you - marky ramone & the intruders
05. good enough for me - bad chopper (cj ramone)
06. good rockin’ tonight - the swing cats feat. johnny ramone & lemmy
07. on the beach - the rattlers feat. joey ramone
08. negative creep - dee dee ramone
09. the kkk took my baby away - osaka popstar feat. marky ramone (john cafiero, jerry only, ivan julian & dez cadena)
10. lying to myself - blackfire feat. joey ramone
11. i’m making monsters for my friends - dee dee ramone & i.c.l.c. feat. nina hagen
12. don’t blame me - marky ramone & the intruders feat. joan jett
13. meatball sandwich - youth gone mad feat. joey ramone
14. do it to me - bad chopper (cj ramone)
cd 2 - the family tree vol.2
01. pet sematary (live) - marky ramone
02. now i wanna be sedated - dee dee ramone
03. see my way - sibling rivalry (joey ramone & mickey leigh)
04. judy is a punk - the ramones
05. cherry bomb - marky ramone, cherie currie & wayner kramer
06. viva las vegas - the swing cats feat. johnny ramone
07. bad horoscope - dee dee ramone feat. lux interior
08. nowhere man - marky ramone & the intruders
09. punishment fits the crime - cj ramone & bien desocupados
10. slug (live) - the independents feat. joey ramone
11. round the bend - uncle monk (tommy ramone)
12. the bowery electric - the bowery electric crew (marky, cj & tommy ramone)
13. jump in the fire - dee dee ramone
14. the wonderful widow of eighteen springs - joey ramone
cd 3 - the originals
01. let's dance (coverd by the ramones in their debut album) - chris montez
02. california sun (covered by the ramones in leave home) - the rivieras
03. surfin' bird (covered by the ramones in rocket to russia) - the trashmen
04. needles and pins (covered by the ramones in road to ruin) - the searchers
05. chinese rocks (coverd by the ramones in end of the century) - johnny thunders & the heartbreakers
06. indian giver (coverd by the ramones in the expanded edition of subterranean jungle) - 1910 fruitgum co.
07. out of time (coverd by the ramones in acid eaters) - chris farlowe
08. the shape of things to come (covered by the ramones in acid eaters) - max frost & the troopers
09. can't seem to make you mine (covered by the ramones in acid eaters) - the seeds
10. i can't control myself (coverd by the ramones in acid eaters) - the troggs
11. surf city (covered by the ramones in acid eaters) - jan & dean
12. surfin' safari (covered by the ramones in the expanded edition of acid eaters) - beach boys
13. school days (included in the rock n' roll high school soundtrack) - chuck berry
14. school's out (included in the rock n' roll high school soundtrack) - dave mustaine & marty friedman

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